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You are a member of the VIB, The Vampire Investigation Bureau has informed you of information pertaining to a Vampire that they believe lives in your  area. You have decided to go to see if this information is true. You arrive at the location, but no one come to the door. You make the decision to just take a little peak.

 When you enter the Vampire's Lair you will discover artifacts that the vampire has collected over the year. You wonder if these items are from victims or lovers?  You must find the key to the exit before the vampire awakens.

While this room is creepy  and dingy, it is not meant to scare you. The room is dim lit, and there are no live actors inside the room to frighten you. The suspense will be generated from the adrenaline, but let your imagination run wild and see how well you operate under pressure.

While the max number of people listed is 8. The Vampire's Lair will hold more. If you need more call us. 




60 min

Group Size 


Escape Rate 

 unkown coming soon 

The Vampire's Lair