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Find clues and solve puzzles

The Vampires's Lair . You are a member  of the VIB the Vampire Investigation Bureau. You have been given the assignment to investigate  a old vampire who  lives here at this location. You are here to see if you can get some information.  Are you up for the task.   Will you make it out before the vampire wakes up....

Our escape rooms provide you with fun challenges while inspiring people in the room to work together. This is especially fun and helpful for team-building with family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. Think you can master the challenges in our escape rooms and complete your escape in 60 minutes or less? Head to the bookings page to book now!

Get locked in for 60 min.

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With the help of your thinking cap and the rest of your team, you'll have to find clues around the room, solve puzzles, and communicate to get out in time!

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​Pricing is  $25.00 per person

Once you are locked in the room, you'll have 60 minutes to try to get out. Youv'e never seen how fast and hour can go by than when your enveloped in one of our escape games. 

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Our family had a terrific time trying to escape King Vidor's house. We got to meet the owners, who were extremely nice and stayed late for us. A great time for families, friends, church groups,office groups etc. Great team building exercise. Wonderful experience. Will be back when they change the theme. Also check out the maze of terror at this location in October. My family has enjoyed it for the last 5 years.

 Carrie J

The Vampire's Lair

                                           ​What is an Escape Room?

 escape room is a room with hidden clues and puzzles that must be solved by the team of 2-8 that is locked inside before the sixty-minute time window elapses. With varying themes, each escape room will present a different mystery that must be unraveled.


Can you escape in 60 min?

Vampires Lair
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